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Dark Souls 2 Discussion :: Re: Forging a Hero - Teaser Trailer :: Reply by iGBx 27 Aug 2013 | 02:28 pm

Yes it was a suit of armour that someone wore to Gamescom. This behind the scenes video is very enjoable - Forging a Hero - Behind The Scenes -

Dark Souls 2 Discussion :: Re: Dark Souls 2 at Gamescom next week! :: Reply by radarhead 27 Aug 2013 | 01:43 pm

Hey, me and Ninazu had a great interview with them at Gamescom, and got some good answers, but they were pretty tight lipped about a lot of things. The actual interview will be up by Friday. You can...

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3d Dot Game Heroes 6 Aug 2012 | 04:08 pm

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Minecraft v.12.4 [Full] [Español] [UL] 7 Jan 2013 | 09:02 pm

HISTORIA BREVE: Minecraft es un juego indie que surgió de Infiniminer, inspirado también en Dwarf Fortress, aunque puede que os recuerde un poco a 3D Dot Game Heroes. Con el tiempo, va adquiriendo toq...

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