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Furniture Set 12 May 2013 | 02:49 pm

Full set using vray lighting and all already group

Explosion 7 Mar 2013 | 10:08 am

Animation created with an explosion FmeFX Plugin. This plugin command you with installation instructions

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3D Scanning System 12 Aug 2009 | 01:16 am

3D Scanner System (3DSS) is a hardware and software work for converting a natural world object into 3D Model. It is an embedded system( is it? ). It uses the concepts of diverse fields such as Compute...

3D-Coat review online at Max Underground 8 Jun 2011 | 09:10 pm

“ an affordable Swiss Army Knife for sculpting 3D models.”

3D Modeling-Pistol Modeling 20 Jan 2011 | 01:32 pm

Berikut adalah hasil karya teman seperguruan yang sama-sama menggunakan Software 3D Autodesk Maya 2011: Created by : Yogie Lumaela jika ada yang tertarik belajar maya atau sekedar ingin berintraksi d...

Free iPad app turns snaps into 3D models 25 May 2012 | 10:33 pm

London: One of the premier software makers has come up with a free iPad application that allows users to create 3D images of any place, person or object – and they can even print out perfect replicas....

New 3D Model in Image Gallery! SCAR-L Assault Rifle with FN40GL 8 Jan 2012 | 05:41 am

Tags: 3d graphics, models, my works, weapons Hooray! After the long-long time I have something interesting to show again. Finally I've made a new 3D model! Let me introduce you a SCA R-L Assault ...

3D-CAD Symbols, Textures and Tutorials 2 Oct 2010 | 04:18 am

Use these 3D-models for detailed visualizations of any residential rooms. Whether it is for kitchen/dining areas, living room, bed-, child’s- or bathroom – these details will make renderings more vivi...

Dramatic 3D Warrior Character Designs 30 May 2012 | 07:04 pm

In today’s media 3D characters are very common especially in fiction movies, posters and advertisements. 3D modeling is the method of increasing a graphical symbol of any three-dimensional surface of ...

Wrench Tool 3D Model 13 Apr 2012 | 12:51 am

Details: Format:- 3DS, 3ds Max, FBX, OBJ Feature:- Mid Poly Price:- Free Download Wrench Tool 3D Model OBJ Wrench Tool 3d Model FBX Wrench Tool 3d Model 3DS Wrench Tool 3d Model 3DS Max Wrench Tool 3d...

Cosmetic Tube 3D Model 11 Apr 2012 | 01:20 am

Details: Format:- 3DS, 3ds Max, FBX, OBJ Feature:- Mid Poly Price:- Free Download OBJ Cosmetic Tube And Box 3D Model MTL Cosmetic Tube And Box 3D Model FBX Cosmetic Tube And Box 3D Model 3DS MAX Cosme...

Winter Jacket 3D Model 3 Apr 2012 | 01:24 am

Details: Format:- 3DS, 3ds Max, FBX, OBJ Feature:- Mid Poly Polygons:- 2776 Vertices:- 2832 Price:- $ 02, BUY

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