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Défense Protoss contre assaut Zerg terrestre 5 Jun 2013 | 07:28 pm

D'abord, construisez quatre canons à photon à l'entrée de votre.

Défense Protoss 5 Jun 2013 | 07:28 pm

D'abord, construisez quatre canons à photon à l'entrée de votre.

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OnLive Releases MLB 2K12, Operation Flashpoint and Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II Retribution 11 Apr 2012 | 05:16 am

If your a fan of Real time strategy, sports, or the shooter genre of games you will be happy with today postings as OnLive [...]

Do You Deepstrike? 3 Aug 2010 | 04:02 am

(Deepstrike marker from Dawn of War) This was a question brought up by Sgt. Brisbane of Sons of Thunder and I thought I'd lend some of my insight. This stems from the fact that after building some BA...

night arrive 13 Dec 2008 | 04:28 am

Pseudo : night-wolf25 Prénom : badr Age : 14 ans Passions : Jeuxvidéo (cabal.l2.dawn of war.Counter Strike 1.6. Final Fantasy) Niveau graphique : débutant Logiciels : Photoshop CS2

Salut la compagnie 18 Jan 2009 | 09:25 am

Pseudo:Flamer Age:16 Planète mère:Baktoid coordonnées:3-25-9 Loisirs:Compétitionne dans Dawn of war en ligne

Infantry Only (1.0) [Dawn of War: Soulstorm Mods] 26 Feb 2010 | 05:12 am

Infantry Only 1.0 I was surprised to see that no one had put one up by now, and i know some would like a mod like this Just like the mod i made for Dark Crusade, Here's one for soulstorm. Simply pu...

DoW2 Apocalypse: Armies of Doom (0.0.1) [Dawn of War DoW2] 25 Feb 2010 | 10:13 am

DoW2 Apocalypse: Armies of Doom is a new game mod which expands the game experience in both PvP and Campaign mode. The game focuses more on abilities and weapons now but the entire layout is different...

godtitanaka_davids_3_map_map_pack.rar (1) [Dawn of War: Soulstorm Maps] 23 Feb 2010 | 11:04 pm

Today we have a awesome map! three maps are included in this file. We have Cadia Manufacturing Facility which is beautifully done. The decals in this first map are truly amazing. So get your IG ready...

Arrakis: Tears of Shai Hulud [Dawn of War Maps] 20 Feb 2010 | 08:09 am

Note: Well, here is a new map I made in the Dune universe. In Arrakis (6), I was pondering how I could incorporate a sandworm into the map, and in this map, I not only put a worm in, I made it so you ...

Limitbreak mod (1.0) [Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Mods] 16 Feb 2010 | 06:25 am

This mod basically combines three of my favorite mods, Half scale, Tyranid mod, and No limit mod. they are precombined so its all one mod now. from the start there was a few conflictions but I got mo... (1.0) [Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Maps] 14 Feb 2010 | 07:10 am

Bored with other maps? Here is one with a new twist! (Sorry, I couldnt resist that.) Redeemed74 and TYoungLS have teamed up once again to bring you a challenging and innovated scenario based on spiral...

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