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Designer watches 'play a big role in a man's ensemble' 29 Apr 2011 | 05:45 am

The importance of designer watches has been highlighted by one guru.

New 'smart watches' enable internet connectivity 29 Apr 2011 | 05:44 am

Smart watches could be the future of timepieces.

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Why Seiko watches are famous? 8 May 2012 | 07:25 pm

Seiko watches Watches are useful for every one because nothing can be done without watching the timepieces in fact. So, which watch you have or use in daily life? While talking about quality time pie...

Philip Stein and Seiko Watches– High End Watches For You 13 Jun 2011 | 09:47 pm

Since the age when man started capturing days and nights into time, the concept of watches have been more popular. Many of the people are very much fond of watches and they are crazy in collecting wat...

Seiko Watches 19 May 2012 | 04:27 am

One more step to access

Seiko Watches 1 4 May 2012 | 01:40 am

Seiko Watches continue to make a mark on the market today. When you don't own a Seiko Watch, it is like you have been unaware of the existence of such a good quality watch. Seiko Watches were original...

Seiko Watches – The Electronic Paper Watches 29 Jun 2012 | 11:27 am

You have required buying a Seiko watch for as extensive as you can keep in mind except you only never obtained about to it. You have observed this watches of the company promoted on the web and in pro...

replica hermes watches but durable rubber 26 Oct 2012 | 02:37 pm

Highlight:,replica fendi watches (,buy watch (;The band is a soft and comfortable,seiko watch for women ...

Seiko Baby Tuna 2 Aug 2013 | 04:30 am

Seiko watches are always interesting. I have featured some from my personal collection which are Grand Seikos...which I believe are probably the best value for money in the high end watch market tod...

Interview with Jake B of Dagaz Watches 12 Aug 2013 | 03:00 pm

Jake Bourdeau, better known as Jake B on the watch forums, has become the biggest name in the international Seiko watch modding community. After the company founder and Jake’s mentor Noah Fuller (the ...

Sleepy Tuesday Morning - Updated 29 Feb 2012 | 04:30 am

Last night (this morning), I finally went to bed three hours after my usual time.  I was only able to sleep an extra half hour this morning.  The reason?  I was watching the Daytona 500.  The theme so...

Jan 31, Drawing with confidence. 1 Feb 2011 | 05:30 am

Looking at how one holds a pencil may indicate how confident or otherwise, an artist is with their drawing equipment. As a professional T tutor, I watch

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