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Delmore Schwartz Quote On Courage 29 Sep 2012 | 10:02 pm

“Love is the most difficult and dangerous form of courage. Courage is the most desperate, admirable and noble kind of love.” – Delmore Schwartz

Carl Sandburg Quote On Achievement 28 Sep 2012 | 09:57 pm

“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” – Carl Sandburg

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Hola estimados, vendo un casco Morning Pride Ben franklin II Plus con un canastillo de repuesto Valor $ 120.000.- se adjuntan Fotos. Interesados a mi correo Saludos cordiale...

Early to bed, early to rise 8 May 2012 | 07:07 pm

Early to bed, early to rise makes a [wo]man healthy, wealthy, and wise. – Ben Franklin This is the phrase that repeatedly ran through my mind as I scrambled around at 4:45am this morning, getting a t...

Two Essential Elements to Writing Success, in More Ways than One! 3 Nov 2011 | 06:35 am

No electrical power since last Saturday after late October snowstorm destroyed trees and downed wires. I am counting on the wisdom of Ben Franklin: Energy and persistence conquer all things. Here’s ...

Janis Miglavs wins top award 30 Jun 2009 | 12:00 pm

Cephas photographer Janis Miglavs won top honours at the Independent Book Publishers Association’s Ben Franklin Awards in New York City on May 28, 2009. His book "Oregon: The Taste of Wine" won the go...

So what is next? 1 Sep 2011 | 02:01 pm

What do you do once you say you are going to be a writer?  Well before you do that you need to hear what Ben Franklin had to say about it: "Either you write something worth reading or do something wor...

Our Muralist is an Up-and-Comer in the “Art Scene” 7 Aug 2010 | 04:20 am

Many who have been to our offices enjoy the mural of the Ben Franklin Bridge.   The artist, Patricia (Patty) Lafferty was recently recognized in South Jersey Magazine’s  “Best Of” edition as one of th...

Ben Franklin’s 14 Lessons For Getting Things Done 2 May 2012 | 03:02 am

Benjamin Franklin was a man of action. Over his lifetime, his curiosity and passion fueled a diverse range of interests. He was a writer (often using a pseudonym), publisher, diplomat, inventor and on...

Benjamin Franklin’s Method of Habit Formation 17 Sep 2011 | 09:03 pm

Was Ben Franklin the Inventor of the daily planner? What ever the case you can stand to learn a lot from this great American achiever. Benjamin Franklin, inventor, statesman, writer, publisher and ec...

Consumer Protection 8 Sep 2010 | 05:52 pm

Moving scams; "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Ben Franklin

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