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Santa do dia 27 de Agosto - Santa Mônica (mãe de Santo Agostinho) 27 Aug 2013 | 03:03 pm

Mônica nasceu em Tagaste, atual Argélia, na África, no ano 331, no seio de uma família cristã. Desde muito cedo dedicou sua vida a ajudar os pobres, que visitava com frequência, levando o conforto por...

Evangelho do Dia 27 de agosto de 2013 27 Aug 2013 | 08:00 am

Mateus 23,23-26 Naquele tempo, 23 disse Jesus: “Ai de vós, escribas e fariseus hipócritas! Pagais o dízimo da hortelã, do endro e do cominho e desprezais os preceitos mais importantes da lei: a just...

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Your Blog Text Goes here 2 Dec 2010 | 05:32 am

Vancouver is one of the most interesting, diverse, and beautiful cities in the world. It has consistently been ranked the most desirable and livable city by and other magazines and websites. ...

Test blog post goes here 4 Jun 2011 | 05:17 pm

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Hugo Boss diffuse son défilé Automne-Hiver 2012 en live sur son blog 14 Jan 2012 | 04:53 am

Rendez-vous le 19 janvier 2012 en livecast sur le blog Hugo pour découvrir la collection Automne-Hiver 2012 du couturier allemand. Hugo Boss diffuse en live son défilé Automne-Hiver 2012 sur son Cré...

Airyfairy Cake Boutique Opening Party 5 Jul 2011 | 06:50 am

Better late than never, this blog post goes back to an extremely warm June evening, when the sun shone on the little cake shop on School Lane, wreaking havoc with the buttercream but making a beautifu...

9 Month Photos of Liam 5 Oct 2009 | 02:54 pm

My wife is putting me to shame as far as blog posting goes. She has generously allowed me the privilege of putting up this link to Liam's most recent photoshoot with Sara Harper - again, some abso...

Example Blog Post 19 Oct 2010 | 08:43 am

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My First Post 29 Apr 2010 | 08:57 am

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Example Blog Post 26 Oct 2010 | 11:24 am

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Most Comprehensive Wedding Blog Award Goes To One White Dress 5 Nov 2009 | 10:56 am

One White Dress is a fabulous wedding planning site out of Australia. Alera very well could have won our most dedicated blog award as well. She is dedicated to bringing brides “innovative, stylish and...

Going live! 12 Oct 2008 | 10:12 pm

After three months of intensive preparations, server fine-tuning, design, code review, testing, etc, etc, our blogging platform goes live with the pilot domain!

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