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How to move Hyper-V VHD to Virtual PC 14 Jun 2009 | 03:34 pm

We have heard several people stating that it's impossible to convert an Hyper-V VHD based image to Virtual PC format, We found a way to do it, basically you need to remove integration services (Hyper-...

free webinar VDI 7 Jun 2011 | 01:40 am

Event Datum: 26.07.2011 The bridge into the cloud: How to convert local profiles into roaming profiles and pave your customers/users the way into the cloud We show you how you can migrate loca...

Converting an existing Windows XP installation to a VirtualBox image 29 Jun 2013 | 05:06 am

Can be done in 2 steps, where 2nd step is optional: From Windows itself: use Disk2vhd to create the .vhd image. (optional, requires VirtualBox) convert the VHD to VirtualBox-native VDI with VBoxMana...

Convert Virtualbox vm to Proxmox KVM vm 20 Jul 2013 | 06:18 am

Step 1: Convert .vdi (used by virtualbox vm) to .raw (used by kvm vm) VBoxManage clonehd --format RAW util1.vdi util1.raw Step 2:  Reduce the size of raw file by converting to .qcow file qemu-im...

VirtualBox のイメージを Hyper-V のVHD形式に簡単にコンバートする方法 24 Aug 2013 | 03:56 pm

VirtualBox のディスクイメージ形式(*.vdi)のファイルを、Hyper-V のディスクイメージ形式(*.vhd)に簡単にコンバートする方法があります。 フリーのコンバートツールもありますが、なんと VirtualBox の中に VHD形式に変換するツールが含まれています。

Hyper-V VHD TO VHDX Conversion Step By Step Guide 18 Aug 2013 | 11:30 pm

Here are the steps to use the built in wizard in the Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Manager to convert from VHD to VHDX. Go to the Hyper-V Manager. Under the Actions pane, click on Edit Disk… Specify t...

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