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Testing image upload width 14 May 2013 | 05:50 am

Testing image upload width

Testing Image Uploading 14 May 2013 | 05:36 am

Just a test to see if image uploading works

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Stefano Zacchiroli (Debian Leader): Local communities are important 19 May 2010 | 07:24 am

Stefano Zacchiroli, a new Debian Project Leader, in an interview with Polish Debian Portal speaks about this year’s campaign, realase policy of the project, the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port and other non-...

Installing Debian lenny/sid on Fujitsu Lifebook P7230 25 Nov 2007 | 08:30 am

Installing Debian lenny/sid on Fujitsu Lifebook P7230

Installing Sidux (Debian Sid) on Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad X61s 15 Jul 2007 | 10:26 am

Installing Sidux (Debian Sid) on Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad X61s

First steps towards collaboration with Debian 25 Oct 2011 | 09:03 pm

A few months ago StormOS joined the Debian Derivatives Exchange. This means that StormOS is now on the Debian Census and the repository is being diffed against Debian proper to create a full set of pa...

stormos introduces multiarch support 21 Aug 2011 | 10:54 pm

StormOS now has multiarch support! Support for multiarch in StormOS has been achieved by porting dpkg and gcc-4.6 from Debian Wheezy and backporting multiarch support from binutils 2.21.X in Wheezy t...

Debian 7 'Wheezy' to introduce multiarch support 28 Jul 2011 | 03:25 am

Debian has announced that they are going to introduce multiarch support for Wheezy (7.0) in 2013 which I think is great news. The original plan to solve the need for both 32/64bit on StormOS Flash (wh...

Setting the bar low: StormOS Flash Pre-alpha checklist 18 Jul 2011 | 08:37 am

I will be releasing a pre-alpha version of StormOS Flash in next few weeks. For those that don't follow the dev blog, StormOS Flash is a distribution based on NCP4 (NCP4 combines Debian Squeeze with I...

StormOS sticking with Nexenta, inheriting illumos kernel and slowly becoming 64bit 16 Apr 2011 | 04:40 am

For the last few months I've been working for Nexenta Systems on the next release of their free OS Nexenta Core Platform 4 (NCP4). NCP4 is pretty much a port of the base Debian Squeeze (not quite Debi...

dpkg tips 5 Aug 2011 | 07:32 pm

dpkg is package manager for Debian, and found in most of its derivatives. Programs such as apt and aptitude are front-ends to dpkg. Following are some handy to know dpkg commands. Package Listing To...

AcerAspireOne Touchpad on Debian 11 Jul 2011 | 10:01 am

When installing Debian "Testing" on the AcerAspireOne the touchpad does not register a single tap of the pad as a left mouse click. To rectify this add the following line to the file /etc/modprobe.d/p...

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