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High Quality Turning Leads 26 Aug 2013 | 02:28 pm

the insurance company Turning Sixty-five leads are actually probably the most worthwhile part of the insurance company. At some point in their particular occupation, agents provide a try to make ente...

How Can One Benefit from Freelance Copywriting Jobs 26 Aug 2013 | 07:13 am

In any academic work where learning is involved, it is always good to have practical approach to what people learn in theory. This will enable students of every cadre comprehend and internalize the in...

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Thinking of getting a snake? 7 Aug 2010 | 02:38 am

Snakes are becoming an ever popular pet these days, especially for those living in flats and shared accommodation where keeping other pets such as dogs and cats is not possible. Snakes can make excell...

Dog Tested. Dog Approved. Because Dogs Are Family Too! 11 Feb 2013 | 08:16 am

10 February 2013 A Pet Changes Everything When we bring a new pet into our lives, everything changes. Life suddenly becomes more joyful, humorous, and beautiful than we ever imagined. Pets are amusing...

Out and about: 14 Aug 2013 | 04:00 am

Find out about thefun we had onour recent trip to the first ever The Pet Show!

Woman fined $48,000 and banned for life 15 Jul 2013 | 07:50 am

A Coodanup woman was fined a total of $48,000 and banned for life from ever owning pets after being sentenced in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday 12 July. She was convicted on 24 counts of animal...

Lucky Idiot With A Shotgun 1 Nov 2011 | 09:35 am

Lucky Idiot With A Shotgun This guy should never be allowed to handle a gun again, ever. He gets very, very lucky here. Do you think he's learned his lesson?

Ever see a Tokyo Train Map? 5 Jan 2012 | 10:05 pm

Tweet How many stations do you see? The lower map is the Tokyo Metro.  It is not drawn in the upper map of Surface Trains (JR line, Keio line, etc.).  The Metro basically runs within the very inner ...

Summertime 18 Feb 2011 | 09:02 pm

Tweet Oh man, am I ever looking forward to summertime… Bottle Lake, Ontario

Privacy lawsuit targets comScore 25 Aug 2011 | 03:18 am

Gary’s Note: The following article points out the risk of using some free software. I recommend that no user ever make use of tools that provide free coupons or other teasers that require you to insta...

Pipex Update - We Recommend Plus.Net 22 Mar 2010 | 11:52 am

If you ever saw my two articles about Pipex Internet it will come as no surprise that this was a company on its last legs. Are Pipex Internet Fraudsters I believe Pipex Internet are Fraudulent Crimi...

Introduction to 3-Tier Architecture... 11 Jun 2011 | 03:35 am

If you've ever wondered why you should use layers and what the benefits are, this article is for you. This article delves into the use of layers and how they can benefit any application.

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