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サイト閉鎖のお知らせ 10 May 2012 | 07:06 pm

この度6月23日をもって「safari extensions exhibition」を閉鎖することになりました。 理由としては、定期的な更新が出来ず一年ほど放置してしまった事、Safari機能拡張を紹介する意欲が失われて [...]

Start Google Plus 1.4.2 5 Aug 2011 | 09:16 pm

GoogleのSNS「Google+」のストリームに「Twitter」「Facebook」のタイムラインをマージさせ、なおかつツイート、投稿することができるSafari機能拡張です。 Google Chromeで愛用して [...]

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{ bits of me } 22 Feb 2012 | 09:10 am

some of my recent instagram posts Happy Tuesday, everyone! How was your holiday weekend? I know that I’ve fallen far, far behind on my S.HOPtalk blog posts. Alas, other happenings in my life have had...

Summertime in Portland 13 Jul 2011 | 06:29 pm

Hi all, this is Annie from The Friendly Fox! I hope miss Morgan is having an awesome vacation (from the looks of her instagram posts, she's having a blast!). Here in Portland, the warm sunshine is som...

Instagram post! 12 Jun 2012 | 09:54 pm

Dia desses no Leblon, ainda de férias na Cidade Maravilhosa. O look foi para comemorar o aniversário de uma velha amiga numa feijoada com samba tipicamente carioca. Delícia! Eu me apaixonei por ess.... 6 3 Aug 2012 | 02:57 am

Guten Abend Heute nur ein Instagram Post, weil ich den ganzen Tag unterwegs war. verfolgt mich doch unter julchenkopflos Wenn ihr auch bei Instagram seid dann schreibt mir doch euren Namen in die Kom...

Far&Near 16 Nov 2012 | 08:00 am

       instagram post

Bird's Eye Mixed-Media 18 Nov 2012 | 08:13 am

      instagram post

Raggaebar made out of a truck - from Instagram 28 Feb 2013 | 06:15 pm

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Relaxing day at the beach - from Instagram 1 Mar 2013 | 01:19 pm

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Cool surf hostel in 佳樂水 - from Instagram 1 Mar 2013 | 09:08 am

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