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2. JavaScript-Conference in Düsseldorf 20 Sep 2012 | 03:01 pm

Am 15. + 16. Oktober 2012 findet in Düsseldorf die zweite JavaScript-Conference statt. Weil die Themen JavaScript, Css3 und HTML5 auch in der Entwicklung mobiler Anwendungen an Bedeutung gewinnen, hat...

LESS.js – CSS mit Variablen und Funktionen 30 Jun 2010 | 05:15 am

LESS ist eine Erweiterung der bestehenden CSS-Definitionen und beinhaltete alle existierenden Formatierungen. Im Unterschied zu CSS beherrscht LESS jedoch den Umgang mit Variablen, erweiterten Klassen...

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Pure CSS3 Slideshow 20 Jan 2012 | 12:23 am

Slideshow contain left and right navigation buttons, images, and tracker bar.

Writing Website Scrapers in PHP 27 Feb 2008 | 04:35 am

This article discusses about how to write a website scraper using PHP for web site data extraction. The concepts taught can be applied and programmed in Java, C#, etc. Basically any language that has ...

Javra Outsourcing 23 Mar 2010 | 09:07 pm

There are no translations available. --> {loadposition slideshow} Our Expertise [kirousel]expertise,64,50[/kirousel] {loadposition expertise-text} {loadposition view-all-expertise} Our Clients ...

Cool Java Game 13 Nov 2009 | 03:39 pm

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Augmented Reality Game 6 Sep 2009 | 03:42 pm

Similar Posts: BMW Augmented Reality Reality 2.0: Like the Real World, Only Better Simply Addictive Game! Chickenfoot: More Than A Dominoes Game Cool Java Game

Winner of the 6th Annual International Photoshare Photo Contest 19 Mar 2010 | 01:51 pm

See the slideshow of the 2009 Photoshare Contest Winners , brought to you by Knowledge for Health (K4Health) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP),...

Java SE 7 & 8 17 Nov 2010 | 07:56 pm

Sometimes doing the right thing can be extremely difficult. In spite of and because of my commitment to Java, I had to decline an invitation to join the Java SE 7 and 8 expert groups. Talk about a tou...

Long Live Java 21 Oct 2010 | 06:54 am

The JCP EC elections opened today, and I'm running. After Doug Lea's resignation and subsequent replacement with Hologic, Inc., maintaining individual representation is more important than ever to Ja...

Mac OS X Lion – How to install Java 21 Jul 2011 | 05:59 pm

Mac OS X Lion doesn’t include a Java runtime environment on the default installation. However Apple has immediately released Java as a separate download. The first package of Java for Lion can be fo...

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