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SEO & Content Curation 26 Jul 2013 | 03:10 am

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Facebook Page Giveaway Contest 26 Jul 2013 | 03:07 am

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What is Job Crusher? 16 Feb 2013 | 12:15 am

You have probably seen the contest tweets going around for Job Crusher. If you haven’t, you can enter the contest here - If you haven’t read my full review on Job Crus...

Job Crusher Contest Standings 29 Mar 2013 | 07:14 pm

Job Crusher is running another contest. I won a prize in the last contest they had. It was an hour of one-on-one with Bill McIntosh. I actually swapped the prize for another year of Job Crusher member...

Job Crusher Reloaded Review (Full & In-Depth) 17 Aug 2012 | 07:30 am

Job Crusher Reloaded Review and a live walk through of the Members Area along with the 10 Free Bonuses ($244 Value) I am offering Buy Job Crusher Click Here! *To Receive Your Bonus Forward Your R...

Steve Jobs: Stay hungry - Stay foolish! 4 Mar 2010 | 12:00 pm

Steve Jobs Rede zur Abschlussfeier an der Standford University 2005 Seit ich die Rede von Steve Jobs vor ein paar Jahren gehört habe hat sie mich nicht mehr losgelassen. Es ist eine der berührendsten...

Happy Valley Pictures 11 Sep 2010 | 08:32 am

Here are some pictures which I took of the Happy Valley project. Fantastic job by the guys!!

The Dillman's testimony… 10 Mar 2009 | 07:23 am

Thank you for the report, Mike.  And thank you very much for the excellent pictures of a job extraordinarily well done  …  the results of which clearly add value to our home and that will be enjoyed...

Our friends took the leap and are now full time travelers! 7 Sep 2010 | 02:16 am

So, finally they’re on the road! Our friends, the Reichert family, have now left old jobs and schools behind them and are now full time travelers! After having dreamed about it, talked about it and wo...

Commission Crusher Review (Steve Iser) 16 Feb 2011 | 06:39 am

Here is my review of Commission Crusher: Commission Crusher is based on a simple marketing concept that anybody can duplicate online… and never have to compete against one another. This method allows...

Aku Belajar Juga Disini 20 Dec 2011 | 11:29 pm

Seperti kata Alm. Steve Jobs, ” Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” .. aku rasa aku masih perlu banyak belajar, belajar kan ngga kenal umur .. Seneng banget ketemu sekolah ini, banyak sharing dan bener-bener k...

Aran Motivational Videos 27 Nov 2009 | 04:34 am

KMST Aran Vs Dodo [Daum TV] KMST Aran Vs Raika / Lyka [Daum TV] [scrap]09-2 KMST 1st ranking; Lv.166 aran playing 4th Job Aran Level 200 Skill Preview

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