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Hardware nadogradnja na Rainbow serveru 3 Apr 2013 | 03:00 am

Danas je završena nadogradnja hardwerskih kapaciteta na Rainbow serveru. Serverski memorijski kapacitet je proširen za duplo . 3 April, 2013

Dnevno malware skeniranje 20 Mar 2013 | 03:00 am

Danas je aktivirano dnevno skeniranje malware sadržaja za web datoteke što pored redovnog virus skeniranja predstavlja dodatni vid zaštite. 20 March, 2013

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Turn off built-in junk filter, why? 13 Oct 2011 | 05:04 pm

All built-in Junk/Spam filtering by your email clients (Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac OS X Mail) are NOT RELIABLE. They cause false alarm, marking legitimate email as Spam and throw them to the Junk fold... 11 Sep 2010 | 03:06 pm

XSTRELLA Chapter 6 Mini collection specially imported from Korea! Launched! Happy Shopping xoxo Status update 11th Sept 2pm: Please check your junk/spam folder in case our invoice fall into there....

Problem with users registration 27 Aug 2013 | 04:39 pm

Hi, I have a problem where one of my users has registered using his only email address. He didn't get the registration and is 100% sure it's not in his junk/spam. I have even entered his details and ....

MSEA Top Aran ComboM4ster Leveling Method 30 Nov 2009 | 11:53 am

LV 01 – 47 : using gacha exp LV 47 – 78 : using anego and samurai leech, LV 78 – 89 : spamming at sky nest2, LV 89 – 108 : spamming at entrance to spooky world, LV 108 – 128 : spamming at revived ...

Disabled comments… 7 Jun 2010 | 12:35 am

Hi all loyal Peach bunnies! The amount of spam that slips in articles here is disturbing, and we can’t manage all of the articles anymore… the project closed in 2008 anyway! If you like to communicat...

DVD and Computer Junk 13 Oct 2010 | 08:14 pm

DVD and Computer Junk OurLoot2Boot Looking for DVD’s or computer stuff, get it here. This is where your referrals can use guaranteed crediting.

Mass Blog Commenting Services by a Singapore SEO Company 4 Mar 2011 | 01:34 pm

Today when I checked my mail in the morning I was surprised to see more than the usual number in my inbox, only to realise that a huge bunch of the mails are due to spam comments on this blog. All th...

Quickly killing manually submitted spam with Drupal 19 Feb 2012 | 09:56 pm

I run a relatively popular Drupal-powered site that entirely depends on user-generated content. Because the site has a decent amount of clout with the search engines, and because the principle of the ...

You CAN Link Spam Your Competition Out Of Existance, Sort Of 10 Apr 2012 | 02:58 am

On one of my Great Link Building Experiment posts, Armaan asked: Thanks for that clarification…A lot of the “IM gurus” say that too many links pointing to your main site are harmful but I don’t think...

Giant List of Generic WordPress Blog Comments 23 Jan 2012 | 10:54 am

Thought you all might enjoy this giant list of generic blog comments and find it useful. Someone apparently missed a setting on their WordPress comment spam tool and rather than posting a single comm...

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