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Pokemon Sunday 08/07/2012: Torterra 30 Sep 2012 | 04:09 pm

Torterra The Living Forest POKÉDEX Phần mai lớn phía sau được coi là nơi trú ngụ và xây tổ tốt cho những pokemon nhỏ. ABILITY Overgrow: Ability này giúp làm tăng sức mạnh của các đòn tấn công hệ Grass...

Pokemon Sunday 05/08/2012: Swampert 30 Sep 2012 | 04:06 pm

Swampert The Storm Watcher POKÉDEX Swampert có thể bơi trong khi kéo theo một con tàu lớn. ABILITY Torrent: Ability này giúp làm tăng sức mạnh của các đòn tấn công hệ Water lên 1.5 lần sau khi lượng H...

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Download no$GBA 2.6a – Nintendo DS Emulator to play Pokemon 3 Jun 2011 | 01:41 am

no$GBA is a good NDS and GameBoy Advance emulator to play Pokemon roms on NDS or GBA such as Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Heart Gold, Pokemon Soul Silver v.v. The lastest No$gba to download i...

Pokemon Heart Gold Pokemon Codes 21 Jul 2012 | 09:38 pm

ANT Codes added to the PSP/COMMON folder are automatically installed as soon as Action Replay is restarted. Any duplicate games are merged and duplicate code names will have their codes overwritten. …...

Daily Update! Super Mario het bekendst in Europa 9 Dec 2009 | 03:38 am

Pokémon Trading Card Game, Heart Gold en Soul Silver, kregen een releasedatum. Verder zijn er nieuwe Japanse boxarts vrijgegeven en is een peiling gehouden waaruit bleek dat Super Mario de populairste...

Rom Pokemon Shiny Gold Download 11 Dec 2007 | 06:40 pm

Este é o jogo para Game Boy Advance Pokemon Shiny Gold. Download Pokemon ShinyGold Grátis (4,915 KB)

Soluzioni Videogiochi Pokemon Codici Trucchi e Guide - Guida Pokémon Soul Silver Heart Gold 27 Aug 2013 | 06:34 pm

27/8/2013, 15:34 di: Ligray in: Guida Pokémon Soul Silver Heart Gold

How long do you play the pokemon games? 24 Aug 2013 | 04:13 am

I was just wondering from curiosity, because i was curious, how many people try to "Catch 'em all" or if they are shiny hunters etc. I'm currently trying to "catch 'em all" in my Heart Gold game and i...

Rom de Pokemon Gold de GBA 31 Oct 2008 | 09:56 pm

Thavo mechendo na net e eu encontrei esse rom de pokemon ele e muito bom baixa ele. CLIQUE AQUI PARA BAIXAR

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