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A funny thing happened on my way to the remote registry… 18 Jun 2009 | 10:10 am

I became an evil hacker who was preying on I.T. managers!!! At least that’s what the initial reaction was. I was caught off guard, the big boss called me in his office and had asked why I had accessed...

How to find a needle in the Array stack 17 Jun 2009 | 11:14 am

I finally had a reason to use Ying Li’s script that compares two arrays and I must tell you it worked beautifully… What a time saver!!! The big boss comes to me (as I’ve become his go-to-guy when he n...

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Colorized Subversion SVN STAT & UP PowerShell Functions 18 Nov 2008 | 10:00 am

An ever-useful powershell script for those who use the SVN CLI even on windows.

Meet up at MMS 2011 (and talk PowerShell) 24 Mar 2011 | 04:56 am

I you are at MMS 2011 and want to have a RL chat. Today we will hold a PowerShell Clinic at our Booth MMS 2011: PowerShell Script Clinic Q&A with Marc van Orsouw (aka “The PowerShell Guy”) Today 3-5...

PowerShell Script club Zürich 28 Jan 2011 | 04:39 am

As last year, I will be holding PowerShell script clubs in Switzerland, in cooperation with the Swiss IT User group ( ) and  Digicomp ( Planning is to h...

Downloading Data Revisited 14 Jan 2012 | 11:36 am

Now, using the National Weather Service... Remember this is a PowerShell script and you will need to change the city data to your local cities...

Config changes with a menu and tcl scripting tutorial 7 Apr 2011 | 05:29 pm

This tutorial will show you how to make config changes with a simple tcl script and invoke the script from an IOS menu. I was recently presented with a scenario where the FXO ports on a customer route...

Bash Scripting Tutorial 17 Dec 2011 | 08:42 am

While I was studying for one of my exams, I found out that Bash scripting basics would be on it. Because I haven’t touched it in such a long time, I consulted my friend Google and stumbled upon a very...

HTML5 Video player jQuery plugin 7 Apr 2012 | 01:48 am

A voir sur Script Tutorials» Script Tutorials, Web Development and other scripting

HTML5 charts and graphs 6 Apr 2012 | 07:47 pm

A voir sur Script Tutorials» Script Tutorials, Web Development and other scripting

Infographic: CSS3 Properties 6 Apr 2012 | 02:45 am

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Eject a CD/DVD Drive with Powershell 12 Feb 2011 | 02:05 am

Here's a quick Powershell script to eject all CD/DVD drives on a computer.  This uses the WMPlayer COM object. Feedback is always welcome.  Enjoy!

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