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The Clip Report is expanding. In between the quarterly(ish)... 2 Oct 2012 | 07:45 pm

The Clip Report is expanding. In between the quarterly(ish) briefing books I will be sharing field notes on LinkedIn from my various conversations with media innovators. You can read my learnings here...

No single industry has embraced social and digital technologies... 9 Aug 2012 | 03:09 am

No single industry has embraced social and digital technologies like the press – and to their benefit too. This, however has created a stylistic split between news that’s crafted to find you vs that w...

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SEO is Dead 8 Jan 2010 | 02:41 am

In the past few years, we have seen a flurry of articles celebrating the forthcoming death of SEO (AKA linkbait) and an even larger flurry of angry rebuttal articles from the SEO community (AKA retwee... 6 Jul 2011 | 05:46 pm

SEO is DEAD – Local SEO Services Is Not What Your Business Needs Tired of Local SEO Services That Don’t Work? Call Now For More Customers 1-800-758-5822 SICK of the local SEO service reports...

Hey girl, I’d watch out for Penguin if I was you,... 30 May 2012 | 07:00 am

Hey girl, I’d watch out for Penguin if I was you, ‘cuz you’re over-optimized for “beautiful”

Google Ranking Song [SEO Parody] 19 Mar 2012 | 02:20 pm

“SEOs are dead, Their souls in slavery, their SERPs fall like lead, Their social media party is in the cemetery” Dalla serie “mai prendersi troppo sul serio”, ecco la simpatica parodia SEO di A...

SEO is DEAD 6 Apr 2012 | 09:57 pm

Puisqu'on vous le dit que le SEO est mort !

SEO is Dead 30 May 2011 | 08:55 pm

SEO is DEAD? Ready? Yes, we should not be focus on SEO skills Such as how to count keywords frequency, bold keywords, any title tag, alt tag or any off page seo. Someone will ask me that how can we...

Is Search Engine Optimization for Suckers? 18 Dec 2011 | 08:20 am

Its no secret that I've said before that SEO is dead. Well, it's still a massive industry and companies pay SEOs big bucks to try and push their websites onto the first page of Google. The f...

SEO is dead. Long live SEO. 12 Jun 2012 | 08:41 pm

In any complex industry, there will be a lot of differentiation between actors, and how they accomplish or offer what may appear on the surface, to be similar services, goals and products. SEO is no ...

Hey girl, watch out for Penguin— you’re... 1 Jun 2012 | 01:23 am

Hey girl, watch out for Penguin— you’re over-optimized for “Gorgeous”

SEO is Dead 1 Aug 2012 | 10:41 pm

I’m fed up with hearing about companies offering number one spots or front page listings in Google and can only assume they are only interested in fleecing clients without giving a damn about the resu...

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