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Pinging off-site is off 18 May 2006 | 03:30 pm

Dear Pingers, For certain reasons we are unable to provide access to the RPC off-site pinging service. From now on, if you want to ping your blog to all the 50 services, you must use the on-site for...

Who wants to get this blog? 7 Apr 2010 | 09:26 pm

Will you consider getting this blog and own it as your own?

Blogging Made Simple 15 Jan 2010 | 01:47 pm

This is a guest post by Eric Heavilin from When you want to start a blog your first thoughts are probably how you can share what you know with the world on line. A blog is very simple ...

How to Integrate a WordPress Blog Into An Existing Website 11 Aug 2011 | 06:20 am

Want to host a blog at your own website without redoing your whole site? You’ve come to right place. Here you’ll learn how to add a WordPress 3 blog to your existing website. There are a few condition...

I want to change my blog/website into money but how??? Part -1 10 Nov 2009 | 11:37 pm

That question is always show on my mind how??? There are many ways to do this one. One of the simple one is using the text advertising. What is In-Text Advertising? In-Text advertising inserts text l...

Chawah, Final update a little latish.. 24 Jan 2012 | 01:04 pm

I had lots of things to do, no time etc etc. You know the excuses. But now I want to write another blog about a new Lindenmayer brush for Krita, and though have the motivation to catch up with old pos...

NEW blog! 31 Oct 2011 | 05:50 am

After a long time of saying I was going to do this... I FINALLY did it!  Since first starting my personal blog, I continuously said I want to do a blog like our photography blog.  The main reason I ha... 10 Jul 2007 | 02:55 pm

New words and another blog to visit: Just wanted to use the blog to record some of the words Elliott is actually using and how she is recognizing words: Plainly says "bye-bye" and "night-night" Says...

Shemale latex fetish with beautiful Milena Vendramine 27 Jul 2009 | 05:15 pm

I just wanted to update this blog with a beautiful shemale I don’t believe I’ve mentioned so far…Milena Vendramine. What a beautiful face, smooth tanned skin, and perfect body! This girl has an ass be...

Tweets from BlogWorld 2011 5 Nov 2011 | 02:16 am

If you wanted to come to Blog World but couldn't, don't worry. I'm tweeting my notes! Follow me on Twitter for live tweetables from all the session's I'm attending!

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