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OpenOCD 0.7.0 released 6 May 2013 | 12:31 am

After almost 7 months since previous 0.6.1 version, new 0.7.0 release is out! Source packages are available to download from sourceforge. If you use Windows and don’t want to build the executable your...

OpenOCD: Hardware Debugging and More – ELCE 2012 28 Jan 2013 | 08:26 pm

A talk from Peter Stuge on using OpenOCD to debug embedded systems.

SourceForge Upgrade 16 Nov 2012 | 03:24 pm

We have upgraded OpenOCD to the new SourceForge platform(Allura), part of that change is a move in the git repo url. original url is: git://openocd.git.sourcefo...

OpenOCD 0.6.1 bugfix release 7 Oct 2012 | 06:25 pm

Today OpenOCD 0.6.1 bugfix release was published on project’s download area on SourceForge. Appropriate changes were also committed to GIT repository. This release addresses serious regression in 0.6....

hackaday – ARM On-Chip Debugging demonstration 2 Oct 2012 | 02:07 pm

Full article here –

Final OpenOCD-0.6.0 is out! 7 Sep 2012 | 02:35 pm

It took 13 months without 2 days this time, but here it is! Packages with sourcecode of new stable release of OpenOCD – 0.6.0 – are available for you to download from sourceforge’s Download area. If y...

OpenOCD v0.6.0-rc2 released 29 Aug 2012 | 02:09 pm

Second release candidate for version 0.6.0 of OpenOCD was just released. Repository was updated and archives with source code uploaded for you to sourceforge. As usually Windows users can find a suita...

OpenOCD v0.6.0-rc1 released 3 Aug 2012 | 01:57 am

We are pleased to announce that first release candidate for version 0.6.0 of OpenOCD was released. Relevant changes have been done to the repository, the source packages can be downloaded from sourcef...

User mailing list 11 May 2012 | 10:19 pm

To better help the user resolve issues with using OpenOCD, we have created a openocd-user mailing list. Hopefully with user input we can make OpenOCD a smoother experience for all. For info other Ope...

Using OpenOCD with the Beaglebone 11 May 2012 | 09:45 pm

For those interested here is a new tutorial on using BeagleBone with OpenOCD.

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