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O Come Emmanuel 28 Nov 2011 | 03:49 pm

Turkey Frank 10 Jun 2011 | 02:28 pm

 Seeing as one of the first parodies we posted at the minor premise was regarding the inappropriate use of messaging technology to send lewd messages to subordinates we could not resist the recent to-...

Burden Shifting 29 May 2011 | 03:12 pm

 A letter to the editor to the paper of the Diocese of Savannah sums up nicely the difference between charitable giving (a free act) and taxation for charitable purposes (a compelled act). Deacon Thom...

An Occasion for Bartholemew Cubbins 30 Apr 2011 | 05:59 pm

The recent royal wedding was inspirational to some; however I missed it entirely. I did read of the great fuss made over the hats worn (or not worn) by the female attendees. Having not posted in a gre...

A sign unto you 31 Dec 2010 | 11:49 am

But for D, that music idea I had would have fallen completely flat. The best laid schemes of mice and men... Fortunately, this came to my attention thanks to the Ironic Catholic. What a great communi...

Tinsillica 29 Dec 2010 | 04:49 pm

Here's a little reprise of some some Christmas fun from 2009.

You Have Been Tagged . . . . 25 Dec 2010 | 07:00 am

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all.

Random act of Christmas 20 Dec 2010 | 11:59 am

I'm going to try to post Christmas music again this year just so my blogging doesn't go completely fallow. Lately, I've come across a few "Random Acts of Culture" videos in which incognito choirs burs...

Fab Four Festival Flops - A Second Installment of Mood Music 17 Dec 2010 | 05:56 pm

Ever wonder from whence your least favorite Christmas songs came? So do we, and rather than actually find out the truth behind the music, C offers the following (originally posted as a comment to Mrs....

Mood Music 30 Nov 2010 | 05:29 pm

Happy New Church Year -- Advent has begun! As the Ironic Catholic lets us know,  Advent has its own moods, not necessarily reflected by the non-stop Christmas carols being piped into all the places of...

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