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Planning Poker for BB10 30 Jan 2013 | 12:10 am

Check out my new app, Planning Poker for BlackBerry 10. It's created using Qt and Cascades/QML. The source code, which is released under the Apache License v2.0, is available from the project page on ...

Informative list views in Cascades (BB10) 17 Jan 2013 | 11:26 pm

This post gives an example how you can present the user some informative text or controls when a list view is empty. Typical scenarios where this may be desirable are: When populating a list view wi...

More guest posts at 23 Nov 2012 | 10:48 pm

Forgot to mention that I've posted two more posts at BlackBerry DevBlog a while ago. QML/Cascades tip of the day – Namespaces Cover the topic of using namespaces to avoid name clashes etc in QML. QM...

Python and Qt on BlackBerry [PlayBook] 27 Jun 2012 | 03:20 am

I've just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook. After been spending some time with a borrowed PlayBook I decided to buy one myself. Many of you might wonder why the hell I did that but I really think it's a g...

QML tip over at BlackBerry DevBlog 8 Jun 2012 | 04:40 am

I've just got a guest post published over at BlackBerry DevBlog. The post is about adding properties to existing components (Cascades example) to make the code more declarative if you want to track v...

Nokia Developer Champion 31 Mar 2012 | 01:30 am

I just got an e-mail from Nokia saying "Welcome to the Nokia Developer Champion Program". It's an invite only reward program by Nokia. You can read more about the program here.

Opensourcedays 2012 8 Mar 2012 | 09:43 pm

I've just signed up for opensourcedays 2012 which is held this weekend. I'm especially looking forward to the talks about Qt and KDE. Maybe I'll see you there?

Open links from Text-elements in QtQuick 12 Oct 2011 | 08:49 pm

I just finished yet another blog post on my companies blog site. It's about opening external application when clicking on links in QML Text-element. Read about it here

Using QtCreator for Arduino development 23 Sep 2011 | 01:34 am

I just finished a blog post on my company's blog site about using QtCreator as development environment for the Arduino board. Please head over here to read all about it.

System 76: Linux Devices and Better Business Values 3 Sep 2011 | 08:39 pm

Guest post by Nadia Jones. Look at the end of the post for more info about Nadia. To the average computer user there are two types of operating systems: Apple and Microsoft. While for the mass marke....

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