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The telegraph: Iran trains female ninjas as potential assassins 30 Jul 2012 | 01:44 pm

I want them dressed like the personal guard that was in the move "the dictator". :) Quote: Scores of black-clad female "ninja" fighters whose a...

Crossing The River 30 Jul 2012 | 12:51 am

There are 3 martial art master monks (bando, kungfu, muay thai) and each has a disciple. All of these 6 men are standing on one side of the river. There is a boat in which 2 people can cross the river...

Identity Theft and Phishing ...tangible way of tackling the menace 29 Jul 2012 | 02:03 pm

wud like to bring ur attention to a brainstomed slide deck seeking to capitalize on the opportunity

body scanners 25 Jul 2012 | 07:19 pm

given a choice would you prefer: 1. to be photographed nude, and/or felt all over by a stranger. 2. walk through a metal detector and have a sniffer dog walk past you.

PHP Quick Reference Guide 24 Jul 2012 | 01:21 am

I started writing short function details and other PHP features in an HTML file so as to serve as a quick reference point for myself. I later lost interest in it as I learned most techniques by heart ...

ssl certs 18 Jul 2012 | 05:32 pm

the security model is quite interesting. one thing that is very striking is the percentage of ca's that are usa owned. there has been a lot of buy outs; show me a company that is usa independent. (... 18 Jul 2012 | 05:18 pm

anybody else noticed this domain recently? microsoft is the registrant. i'm guessing it's a test domain; either general testing or a pseudonym for a new public wide domain?

Seriously awesome! - a 1kb Javascript chess engine 16 Jul 2012 | 08:56 pm

A Mexican software developer Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez wrote Toledo Javascript Chess (, the world's smallest chess program in JS. This version won the first JS1K contest and defe...

Are you a programmer? 9 Jul 2012 | 08:46 pm

Are you a programmer? Post more info after voting.

Hack WiFi - WPA2- PSK 9 Jul 2012 | 08:31 pm

A black hat query here. I see lot of wifi connections in my Connections available window. Any idea how to break into any of these connections. In am in Win7 box.

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