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Girl Born Without Hands Wins writing Award 22 Apr 2012 | 12:34 am

Annie Clark, a 7-year-old born without hands but with a can-do spirit, has won a national award for penmanship. The first grader at Wilson Christian Academy in the Pittsburgh-area was awarded the Nic...

Aiming for the stars ~Peggoty Mutahi 24 Mar 2012 | 06:29 pm

If you were to meet her in the streets of Nairobi, where she lives, or Kericho, where she grew up, you would place Peggoty Mutai as your average young woman on the street. That is, until, you hear he...

Vineyard Network Africa 13 Mar 2012 | 09:21 pm

We train young girls on how to make stuff at home and commercialise them

Nothing to celebrate for women wilting under the heat of workplace injustices 9 Mar 2012 | 09:52 pm

It is yet another International Women’s Day. But women who work in flower farms across the country have little to celebrate. A recent study, Wilting in Bloom: The Irony of Women Labour Rights in the ...

More work needed to improve women’s lot 9 Mar 2012 | 09:31 pm

When the United Nations declared March 8 the International Women’s Day three decades ago, the objective was to provide an opportunity to reflect and confront issues affecting women. This has served we...

Kingwa Kamencu ~ could she be the kenya's next president? 13 Sep 2011 | 12:43 am

The number of presidential aspirants is swelling by day and the latest is not one of the 'ussual suspects'. The incoming President of Kenya hopes to rule from 2012 and leave office in 2017, she thinks...

Julie Gichuru among the Africas' most powerful women 25 Aug 2011 | 10:34 pm

Six kenyan women made it to the Forbes 20 Youngest Power African Women in 2011 making kenyan women the most powerful in the continent. Julie Gichuru -- Kenyan. Journalist & Broadcaster One of Kenya’...

Fashion for pregnant women 28 Jun 2011 | 06:08 am

Pinky Ghelani is organizing a fashion show that includes a section for Pregnant women.

Untitled 6 Jun 2011 | 09:36 pm

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