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Flex box with collapsed height 28 May 2013 | 11:33 pm

By default, flex box makes item elements inherit the height of their container. To disable this behavior, and collapse item heights, use align: start (or the proper variation there-of).

Refresh button in IE developer tools 27 Mar 2013 | 09:10 pm

Internet Explorer’s HTML developer tool will not display changes to the DOM until you click the Refresh button. This goes for newly appended elements, changes to classes, and other changes. Try out t...

event.target on resize in Opera 25 Mar 2013 | 03:08 am

In Opera, on resize, event.target is document, not window. See fiddle.

touch.identifier = 0 19 Mar 2013 | 12:33 am

In the touch event API, each touch object has a unique identifier property. This allows you to keep track of which touch is which when listening to touch events. Try out jsfiddle.net/desandro/WnnG9/8/...

Collapsing margins 6 Jan 2013 | 11:52 pm

Collapsing margins is an ancient property of the CSS Box Model, which I am just now comprehending. In short, with two block elements, will collapse the margins between them collapse to the greater mar...

Gradient syntax helper 15 Nov 2012 | 07:11 pm

Modernizr can detect general support for CSS3 gradients. But here’s a little script to determine the vendor gradient syntax, i.e. -webkit-linear-gradient, if supported by the browser. jsfiddle.net/de...

js-beautify npm module 31 Oct 2012 | 07:23 pm

js-beautify npm module: all of the code powering jsbeautifier.org Utility module for beautifying JS.

Felix's Node.js Style Guide 23 Oct 2012 | 02:27 am

Felix's Node.js Style Guide: via JavaScript for Cats

Get random letter 15 Oct 2012 | 06:47 am

Here’s a helper function that uses base 36 numeral system to return a random letter a to z.

Animating max-height to overcome height:auto limitation 26 Sep 2012 | 01:46 am

Animating max-height to overcome height:auto limitation: (this is probably not new, but just in case…) Q: How to transition to height:auto? A: Transition max-height instead! jsfiddle.net/leaverou/zwv...

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