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ESC Orange Squad beat CMC 28 Jan 2013 | 04:33 am

Hello all! Our game today vs Crazy Machine Chicks (CMC) was won by esc.Wabbitface, esc.Xeiom & esc.Zechs! -Wabbit

Wabbit's New Elite Map! 25 Jan 2013 | 06:45 pm

Hello Everyone, I have recently finished my Elite map 'NaughtyLeu' ! It has been uploaded to both ESC Elite 1 + 2 Here is a pic of it:

Shootmania Release Date Postponed! 23 Jan 2013 | 02:50 pm

As you have probably been aware the Shootmania is in no state to being released now, Hylis the head man of Nadeo has made the wise decision of postponing the release date to April the 10th 2013 and is...

Shootmania Beta 2, Zechs takes a look at the teaser trailer! 16 Dec 2012 | 05:23 am

Hi everyone, ESC member Zechs has created a in-depth look at the teaser trailer for ShootMania beta 2! Very good I might say so check it out! Check out the YouTube video here! Enjoy! -Wabbitface

i47 Roundup 2 Dec 2012 | 09:17 pm

Its been a long hard weekend at Insomnia47 held in Telford, England. Bitterly cold camping, pizza, energy drinks and 14+ hour gaming sessions at this Lan Event. The biggest news is that our squad Eli...

Some changes about ESC 25 Oct 2012 | 02:25 pm

ELITE news. Groups of 3 (maximum 4) The idea of groups of 3 guys, it's just play with the same people and know how they play, the tactics, etc. So, if one day I play with "my" squad and other day I ...

Shootmania 25 Sep 2012 | 02:51 pm

Hello Guys, just a Short news from me! Stream from yesterday: Our game at 13min30. Yesterday it run okay in the cup, so both teams who played are still in, and the team Dragon and Sd3ff got kicked...

ESL Summer Cup 2on2 Royal 23 Sep 2012 | 03:51 pm

Hello Guys, I have a good message and a bad message, so let's start with the good one. Tomorrow and on Tuesday there is a 2on2 Royal Cup in the ESL. We will play it at least with 1 Team, maybe 2 or ...

Tm-Issues and Member Updates 17 Sep 2012 | 08:29 pm

After a long time, here is another News! First of all I have some rather bad news: In this season the ESC will unfortunately not participate in the Trackmania World League. The last TWL was really gr...

Shootmania Squad 19 Aug 2012 | 08:17 pm

Hello ESC Boys, we opened a Shootmania Squad now. And we got four new Members to the clan which are quite nice People: Miamii from Norway Jojo from Germany Kripke from Germany Sd3ff from Germany...

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