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Life expectancy updated 25 Jul 2013 | 06:59 pm

We updated Life expectancy with new data from World Population Prospects (2012 version). A number of backward revisions was also done and we have added guestimates for a couple of disasters (Haiti ear...

“gdp growth over next 10 years” updated 1 Jul 2013 | 06:58 pm

We used the new updated income per person. See the data here:

Income per person updated 28 Jun 2013 | 04:56 pm

We have updated “Income per person” and “Income per person with projections”. This will be version 12. The new data can be viewed here The documentation for the new data can be viewed here: http://w...

The River of Myths 16 May 2013 | 01:27 pm

Hans Rosling is debunking the River of Myths about the developing world. By measuring the progress in the once labeled “developing countries”, preventable child mortality can be history by the year 20...

Adults living with HIV (%) and number of people living with HIV updated! 26 Apr 2013 | 11:34 pm

We updated the data for adults living with HIV and number of people living with HIV. The % of adults had been slightly revised.  The dataset for “Number of people living with HIV” had been revised bac...

MMR and number of maternal deaths updated! 26 Apr 2013 | 11:29 pm

We updated maternal mortality ratio and the number of maternal deaths with the most recent IHME data. You can also find WHO’s most recent MMR estimates (up to 2010) under “For advanced users”. See the...

Aid received per person updated 27 Feb 2013 | 10:13 pm

We updated the aid received per person. The data source is the World Bank and values are displayed in current US$. See the bubbles in the Gapminder World.

Hydroelectric and nuclear electricity production updated 27 Feb 2013 | 07:50 pm

We updated hydroelectric and nuclear electricity production (total and per person). We changed the source for both indicators. We also changed the indicator for nuclear power, which now displays elect...

We updated Oil Production and Electricity Use 25 Feb 2013 | 08:46 pm

We updated Oil Production (total and per capita) and Electricity use (total and per capita). We changed sources for both indicators. To see the new data, go to the Gapminder World.

Aid received (in % of GNI and in constant 2010 US$) updated 5 Feb 2013 | 10:58 pm

We updated received ODA, in both % of GNI and constant 2010 US$. Please note that the currency was changed from constant 2009$, which led to small changes in the dataset. See the updated version in th...

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