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Upping your Game: The Plateau Effect 26 Aug 2013 | 10:22 pm

“I never felt like I couldn’t improve. If someone is winning with your character then you are doing something wrong, you just have to figure out what that is. “–Mike Ross This quote is extremel...

Brand new character joins the Killer Instinct roster? 24 Aug 2013 | 06:52 pm

The below mini-trailer teases a new character for the Killer Instinct reboot.

Hadoken.net is hiring! 23 Aug 2013 | 01:51 am

Hadoken.net is going through some major changes. And in order to achieve our long term goals, we are expanding our team. Right now we are hiring news and article writers.  If you think you have wh...

Capcom gives us another hint towards the identity of the mysterious 5th USF4 character 23 Aug 2013 | 12:09 am

The identity of the 5th additional character that will join the Ultra Street Fighter IV is still very much a mystery. To make us guess even more, Capcom has given another hint while talking to the fol...

Killer Instinct business model revealed! 21 Aug 2013 | 04:47 pm

Over at Gamescom, in an in interview with IGN, Double Helix’s Ken Lobb revealed the business model and pricing of the anticipated remake. The game will launch as a free to play title with only Jago as...

Chief Thunder joins the growing roster of Killer Instinct 20 Aug 2013 | 02:32 am

In a video reveal through IGN, the folks at Double Helix studios have announced that Chief Thunder is making his next gen debut on the upcoming Killer Instinct. check out the video below: The deve...

Full Mortal Kombat Legacy Panel from SDCC 27 Jul 2013 | 12:09 am

Last week at the San Diego Comic Con, Mortal Kombat Legacy had a dedicated panel with the cast and crew including Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Ed Boon. Enjoy it:

Street Fighter Assassin’s fist filming underway 26 Jul 2013 | 04:29 am

The Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist TV/Web series has recently found a producer and financial backer and filming went into full swing recently, helmed by the excellent Joey Ansah. The cast of the serie...

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