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A bridge too far 25 Aug 2013 | 09:18 pm

Tomorrow, a mighty stream of cars will roll over a new bridge across the River Elbe at Dresden. The bridge's opening is not being celebrated in any very public manner. For many Germans, it is a Bridge...

Falling apples 19 Aug 2013 | 10:30 am

The second of the spas - the Apple Spas - is marked today over much of central and eastern Europe. It coincides, as every year, with the Feast of the Transfiguration - a milestone in the ecclesiastica...

Delving into glacial history 12 Aug 2013 | 04:18 pm

Hoxne is one of a number of spots in England that are improbably prominent in Quaternary history. Big cities like Birmingham and London count for nothing in this narrative. One day an enterprising tou...

One journey, one Europe, one book 4 Aug 2013 | 08:12 pm

We sped from London to Brussels at lunchtime on Friday, swapping a pleasant English summer day for sultry Belgium — pausing along the way at Calais. There is always a little frisson of excitement on t...

The Îles Malouines 22 Jul 2013 | 03:20 pm

Only rarely do we venture beyond the shores of Europe within our Letter from Europe. But the layered toponymy of the archipelago in the South Atlantic reveals the complicated history of settlement in ...

Preview hidden europe 41 21 Jul 2013 | 05:59 pm

A look ahead at hidden europe 41 which will be published on 8 November 2013.

Maltese connections 21 Jul 2013 | 05:55 pm

Virtu Ferries have until recently enjoyed a monopoly in the market from Malta to Italy, but a new ferry route launched this summer brings some competition.

Hitting the buffers 21 Jul 2013 | 05:50 pm

Does the European Rail Timetable, published by Thomas Cook since 1873, have a future with a new publisher? Plans are afoot for the relaunch of a book that has defined horizons for generations of trave...

The Caucasus dimension 21 Jul 2013 | 05:44 pm

Georgians have high hopes for the Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union - a six-month term that started this month. Georgia, like Lithuania, slipped out of the Soviet Union in 1991. The hopes in...

Fifth-week syndrome: Britain’s rarest bus 21 Jul 2013 | 05:40 pm

Britain's rarest scheduled bus service runs on just three occasions in 2013. The 113 from Tavistock to Dawlish is a timetable rarity. If you miss the bus on 31 August 2013, you'll have to wait seven m...

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