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Podcaturday 92 11 Mar 2012 | 07:59 am

The latest episode of Podcaturday is now live over on the official website! Check it out. Tell your friends. Pwetty Pwease?

Podcaturday 91 4 Mar 2012 | 04:21 am

Podcaturday has moved. Just click the link to this post and it’ll whisk you away to a magical land… er… to the new site.

Back to the ‘Rim–Podcaturday 90 26 Feb 2012 | 07:28 am

In this week's episode of Podcaturday, Acadia and I head back into Skyrim after a much needed break, discussing the recent patch Bethesda issued...

No Podcaturday This Week 13 Feb 2012 | 06:29 am

You could send your condolences to Acadia's computer by calling 206-888-1710.

Podcaturday 5 Feb 2012 | 08:08 am

You could always call the hotline... 206-888-1710... but we already know you probably won't. You're all YELLOW!

Podcaturday 87 30 Jan 2012 | 07:42 am

This week we talk about going to space and building a moon house with Newt, and I don't mean the cool Newt from Alien... I mean the big, frumpy Newt from congress. That guy's got mad space fetish.

Podcaturday 86 30 Jan 2012 | 05:14 am

Sometimes I don’t remember to post Podcaturday, and then there’s crying. An abundance of crying, or so I heard, cos allegedly Acadia’s feed doesn’t work, so I’m like a podcaturday dealer who has to ge...

Podcaturday 85 15 Jan 2012 | 05:51 pm

I’m not in a very talkative mood, so I don’t have much to say right now. Mostly I’m thinking about Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a very good movie you should totally go watch right now. If you still wa...

Podcaturday 84 9 Jan 2012 | 07:38 am

Here we are, one week into the new year and I can’t stop playing Skyrim. If I could get paid to play that game, I’d be freaking loaded on overtime pay. I did take some time out of my busy Skyrim playi...

Podcaturday: 2012 3 Jan 2012 | 10:20 am

Here's the first episode of Podcaturday 2012! Enjoy folks.

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