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Professional photographers? 26 May 2013 | 06:58 am

In the wake of Marissa Mayer’s comments when launching the revamped Flickr UI (since “clarified”), what is the difference between professional and amateur photographers?

Geek Argument of the Day 24 May 2013 | 12:44 pm

New feature! Today’s Geek Argument of the Day is: Is the change to the Legend rule in Magic: The Gathering a good thing, or is it the end of Magic as we know it? Bonus Geek Argument of the Day for yes...

Spray on sweat 22 Feb 2013 | 03:26 pm

You know when you want to look as though you’ve just been out getting a great workout, or jogging, or playing a hard-fought game of tennis? But you haven’t really? So you need to fake it? You need a s...

2D glasses for 3D movies, redux 3 Mar 2012 | 02:30 pm

Hey, these guys owe us royalties. Or something.

Treadmill on wheels 3 Mar 2012 | 02:27 pm

You know how people exercise by running on treadmills? How about putting wheels on the bottom of a treadmill and connecting them to the treadmill belt, so they propel the treadmill. Then you can go f...

Slotted Soap 22 Jun 2010 | 07:56 pm

You know how the old soap turns into a skinny little sliver until you can no longer use it any more, then you have to start with a whole new bar of soap? Some people recycle those unusable slivers by ...

Complex Movie Plot FAQs in real-time on your iPhone 17 Mar 2010 | 09:12 am

If you’re like me, then you have sometimes gone to the cinema and become completely and utterly confused by the plot, unable to keep up with the astonishing number of characters, shifting allegiances,...

Frictionless sports 5 Mar 2010 | 05:58 pm

While discussing a game of tennis two of us were playing this morning, we got into talking about the backspin and topspin making it trickier to hit the ball. Then someone proposed the idea: Tennis pla...

2D glasses for 3D movies 1 Mar 2010 | 03:44 pm

So here’s the idea: Take two sets of 3D glasses and remove the left lens from one and the right lens from the other, and swap them into the other pair of glasses. So one pair now had two left lenses, ...

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