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upload CSV file into database using php 30 Nov -0001 | 12:00 am

Forum: Scripting and Server Side Posted By: vinex08 Post Time: 23rd August 12 at 10:26 PM

Simple PHP mail script that works 23 Dec 2010 | 06:13 am

From the Apache forums: I’m posting this message for the benefit of other newbies like me. Thanks to CHASE’s advice, I now have a very simple mail script that works: <?php $to = $_REQUEST['MyEmail'] ;...

PHP Watermark Script 15 Mar 2012 | 07:00 pm

This script will let you watermark your photos with ease. It uses the GD library. You'll have to create a PNG image with your watermark and update the script with its location. Read 'PHP Watermark Sc...

Neue Teamspeak IP 20 Mar 2012 | 06:14 pm

Es gibt eine neue Teamspeak IP ! Ihr müsst natürlich eingeloggt sein und den Status User haben um diesen Thread zu lesen Siehe Forum

SQLite V3 with PHP – sample script 21 May 2009 | 02:47 am

SQLite [] is a very handy tool, essentially it creates a database in a file. SQLite V3 should be installed automatically with PHP5. I find SQLite very handy when I want to make st...

Premium PHP Storefront Shopping Store Script 2 Apr 2012 | 12:20 am

Premium PHP Storefront Shopping Store Script: turnkey-php-mysql-script: Allows any single person...

PHP Classifieds script 23 Apr 2012 | 12:56 am

php classifieds script Discover one of the PHP Classifieds Script! PHP Classifieds is a totally versatile turn-key PHP Classifieds Script. Skilled for the purpose of posting practically any sort of ...

Shoutpro is a easy to use 11 Mar 2012 | 12:57 pm

Shoutpro is a easy to use PHP chat script and anyone with a basic HTML knowledge could handle it.shoutpro facilitates easy chatting between users, profanity filter, ShoutCode Formatting Tags, Restrict...

Rackspace Cloud Files USA to the UK service free php migration script 7 Sep 2011 | 12:32 am

Recently I’ve moved from Rackspace cloud US to the UK, and as such needed to transfer a large amount of data from my cloud files. Rackspace will not provide this service for customers unfortunately du...

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