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Open Letter To Russell Simmons 17 Aug 2013 | 09:33 pm

Apology issued by Russell Simmons in response to public backlash regarding the Harriet Tubman piece: “I’m a very liberal person with thick skin,” wrote Simmons. “My first impression of the Harriet Tub...

Lessons From My Two-Month Social Network Detox 26 Jan 2012 | 08:44 am

That’s Kwanzaa Klauz..we had him at the top of our Kwanzaa Bush this holiday season….it was very peaceful, quiet and serene, largely because I cut myself off from the world. I’m working on a new solo ...

The Milky Way + The Zzyzzx, Sept. 29th 16 Sep 2011 | 06:12 am

Stay tuned for details, and new music on Soundcloud Latest tracks by TheMilkyWayans Share/Bookmark

The Milky Way + Dam Funk, Aug 28th 23 Aug 2011 | 02:51 pm

Dam Funk, Master Blazter + The Milky Way @ Alex’s Bar $5 At the Door This one is gonna be slaughter. The sound system is ape shit over there. Share/Bookmark

The Lone Wolf returns… 17 Aug 2011 | 01:36 pm

I view my career as a journey through the infinite wilderness of the universe. That journey began at the end of my first album with a song called “Virgo V”. Each project represents a different aspect ...

NEW: The Milky Way – “Black Magic” [video] 4 Jun 2011 | 02:22 pm

My favorite band in the universe Share/Bookmark

The Milky Way Returns, On My Birthday 11 Jan 2011 | 06:47 am

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Thief Robes for Affordable Prices 2 Nov 2010 | 07:39 am

Our mission at Thief Robes is to bring you the highest quality biomechanical robes at affordable prices. We founded Thief Robes on two very important ideas…..theft and ultimate coziness. Combined with...

Need Dog-Sitter for Haunted Mansion 29 Oct 2010 | 06:30 am

Hi, my name’s Jaquelantern (“Jackie” for short). Here’s the situation: I’m kind of a “ghost” (although I prefer “supernatural being”, but whatever). I had to leave my 467 bedroom mansion to go help th...

Get in Shape With Old Man Geechi 28 Oct 2010 | 07:01 am

Geechi’s Dynamic Personal Training My name is Geechi, a certified personal trainer with over 1684 years of experience in Ship Building, Hammer Swingin and Ass Kicking in General. My Fitness training s...

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