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Celebrating the feast of “Our Lady of Liesse” 16 Jun 2013 | 04:40 pm

Here are a couple of pictures of the procession celebrating the feast of “Our Lady of Liesse”. The Knights of St John brought the devotion of Our Lady of Liesse to Malta, building this small church in...

Malta International Fireworks Festival 1 May 2013 | 11:20 pm

This image was taken yesterday during the fireworks festival, it was an amazing spectacle. In the foreground is the Siege Bell Memorial.

Pedal power and horse power 11 Apr 2013 | 07:56 pm

  This image was taken on a late summer afternoon in the Qormi valley.

Ggantija Temples in Gozo 28 Jan 2013 | 03:30 pm

The prehistoric temples of Ggantija in Gozo, are among the oldest surviving, freestanding monuments in the world.  They predate the Great Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England by around 1000 yea...

Siege Bell Memorial – Valletta 23 Jan 2013 | 06:30 pm

  This image of the Siege Bell Memorial was taken for The Malta Experience calendar of 2011 and is one of my favorite pictures of the calendar. The memorial is situated next to the Lower Barrakka Gard...

Maltese Balconies 18 Jan 2013 | 09:04 pm

  The traditional Maltese wooden balconies dominate Valletta’s streetscape.

St.Paul’s Shipwreck Church 14 Jan 2013 | 04:56 pm

  The Parish Church of St.Paul Shipwreck is among the oldest churches in Valletta and can trace it’s origins back to 1570.  The church is beautifully decorated and is definitely worth visiting. This i...

The Chapel of the Langue of Aragon 17 Dec 2012 | 02:18 pm

With it’s beautiful Baroque interior St John’s Co-Cathedral should not be missed when visiting Valletta. The Co-Cathedral has eight chapels, each one is dedicated to the patron saint of the eight lang...

St Paul’s Catacombs, Rabat 7 Nov 2012 | 12:00 pm

St Pual’s Catacombs are located in St Agatha Street, Rabat.  This complex labyrinth of subterranean tombs date back to the 3rd century and are among the earliest archaeological evidence of Christianit...

Start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race 20 Oct 2012 | 05:58 pm

  Today was the start of the Middle Sea Race.  For more information about this classic race and to view the progress of the entrants visit their excellent website ” Rolex Middle Sea Race”

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