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Have you ever cut people from your life? 20 Dec 2011 | 05:47 pm

Have you ever cut people from your life? Why and how? posted in sagittarius - 3 replies

Sagittarius and Water Signs.. BEWare 25 Oct 2011 | 08:31 am

As a Sag Woman.. i pretty much get along with everyone.. but in terms of intimate relationships.. i do not ever want to be involved with a pisces, cancer or scorpio! i've had the worst experiences wit...

Seeking answers? 10 Oct 2011 | 02:13 am

hey ppl :) i dont want to sound crazy...but i need other peoples views and comments....i am at a wall and cannot get past(metaphorically speaking). here we go....i was orn on 21-12-76...i am a saggi...

relationship with aries 8 May 2011 | 05:14 am

Is relatioinship between a sagittarius and aries always short? posted in sagittarius - 2 replies

aquarius 8 Apr 2011 | 07:19 pm

Does anyone have aquarius partner? Isn’t that supposed to be the most sensible sign? I’ve got an irrational irresponsible aquarius wife. When we have fight, she just leave the house for weeks. My son...

BRAZILIAN OPHIUCHUS 2 Nov 2010 | 10:35 pm

BRAZILIAN OPHIUCHUS The Brazilian President has three planets in Ophiuchus, a much cherished zodiacal station (among them 22) in the Latin America. Búlgaro Rainha do Brasil

Your Daily Horoscope: August 5, 2010 5 Aug 2010 | 02:41 pm

Your Daily Horoscope: August 5, 2010 Sagittarius Nov. 22 - Dec 21 Something you've been trying to get a handle on may become perfectly clear for you today, Sagittarius. It's almost like you have an ...

a sagittarius man too flirty? 21 Jun 2010 | 03:05 am

This Sag is in a relationship with someone esle ( I think a Picese) and I'm an Aries. He' s a big flirt, always wants hugs from me, has made a big deal whenever I dont say hi or bye when I leave..and ...

Sabotaging our own relationships 17 Jan 2010 | 10:24 am

ok, so I was wondering if anyone here--particularly with a sun sign in water or earth--if their sag rising is responsible for sabotaging our relationships? for instance, i always suspect that i want ...

Light a candle: Rememberance 22 Dec 2009 | 06:11 am

Just taking a moment to remember my deceased sag hubby whose b-day just passed. A best friend for 5 great years... this is my candle. thanks for the memories! <3 If you have anyone you've lost and w...

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