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Building RPMs as a normal user 5 Feb 2009 | 10:41 pm

We often told that building an RPM as root is a bad thing. While this is very true, how do you build it as a normal user? The trick is to use rpmdev-setuptree. This will create a empty build tree in ...

Yet another Fedora 10 cock-up 19 Dec 2008 | 05:47 am

Oh poor Fedora, don’t worry we still love you, even if you do keep cocking up. It’s been a hard few months for my favourite distro. First we had the security problem with the gpg key for the updates, ...

Testing mail servers 8 Nov 2008 | 12:27 am

Back in the good ol’ days of POP3 it was really easy to test a mail server manually you just simply telnet to port 110 issue some 3 command and done! Now that all ISPs support IMAP things are a little...

More mplayer fun! 6 Aug 2008 | 11:55 pm

This week I have been playing with youtube videos to either extract the sound from the video and converting to MP3 or converting the whole video to mpeg. I’ve used the same kind of process to convert...

WordPress style permalinks 6 Aug 2008 | 08:48 pm

Recently I was writing a database driven website, where all the content was within a database and the only real page was index.php. This is easy enough to do, but of course, you need to tell

Getting BIOS information 1 Jul 2008 | 07:57 pm

I recently needed to get a load of Dell service tags from some remote servers. Dell very nicely provide a ActiveX component for Windows but nothing for Linux. Fortunately we can use dmidecode. Run it ...

The world’s most neglected blog 25 Jan 2008 | 08:24 pm

I’m planning on entering this blog for “The World’s most neglected blog” Award. I think I’ve got a pretty good chance. My acceptance speech will include the following excuses: I was too busy (True, m...

Sun buys MySQL 17 Jan 2008 | 05:03 am

Didn’t see that one coming. Blog contains details to what this could mean for both companies. May as well be one of the most important takeovers of 2008 already! read more | digg story

Wedding Website 3 Dec 2007 | 02:12 am

Wahoo! I finally got around to doing our wedding website. There’s not a lot on it at the moment, but more will come later. Feel free to take a poke around

Brotherly Love 12 Sep 2007 | 07:31 pm

As you probably guessed, I love Linux in all it’s distros. OK, maybe I have a small hatred for Ubuntu but that because of the fan boy users thinking they invented everything. Anyway, I also know that ...

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