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Raynauds Syndrome, Cold Hands and Feet in Winter Training by John Post, MD 27 Dec 2012 | 06:16 am

And I love to live so pleasantly, Live this life of luxury, Lazing on a summer afternoon. In the summer time,….                                                     The Kinks Ah summertime, for many of...

Ibuprofen. Not For Daily Use! by John Post, MD 10 Dec 2012 | 02:20 am

“I’d take any risk to tie back the hands of time.” Too Much Time On My Hands, Styx “Prophylactic” or daily use of Ibuprofen by triathletes is not without risk.  Why am I the last one to find out about...

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How To Dress Like A Rock Star Triathlete 3 Nov 2012 | 04:00 pm

In this video, Rock Star Triathlete Academy coach Ben Greenfield shows you 3 ways to get free triathlon racing and trainig clothing…check under the video to see it all spelled out for you! 1) Tweet yo...

Lindsay Lohan’s Rocking House Arrest 22 Jun 2011 | 10:56 pm

Academy Lindsay Lohan has been house arrested for the longest period of time. We have all heard about it. But did you know about the inside activities of the guilty star? .

Tools For Learning Better Triathlon Pacing 31 Oct 2012 | 01:04 am

In a recent Rock Star Triathlete podcast with Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan, you learned about how to properly respond to pace changes during a race, and how to learn better pacing. In this video,...

How To Sing Live! 24 Jun 2013 | 02:49 am

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Student Adam Spizzo Advances On Australia’s Got Talent Auditions With His OWN SONG: “Rock Star”!!! His dedication and HARD WORK are paying off! Watch Ken Tamplin and Adam w...

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