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Nokia Music for Windows Phone 8 adds new releases and gig notifications for your favorite artists 27 Aug 2013 | 04:59 pm

The Nokia Music app has been updated today for Windows Phone 8 handsets with notifications and favorite artists, keeping users updated whenever a musician releases a new record or announces a concert ...

Airbnb, Codecademy and Nest Labs feature in the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers for 2014 27 Aug 2013 | 04:32 pm

Airbnb, Codecademy and Nest Labs feature among the 36 firms recognized this year as Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum. The new “champions” were nominated by the public, Forum members, c...

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Link: Obvious ideas are better than original ideas 30 Jun 2011 | 09:48 pm Permalink | Leave a comment  »

TheNextWeb: Aza Raskin on great user interfaces 14 May 2011 | 02:39 am

TheNextWeb did an interesting interview with Aza Raskin about great User Interfaces. Watch the video below. Some notes Looking how people use the product is the most important thing for a designer ...

App Store, Hacked. 6 Jul 2010 | 01:58 am

Earlier today a report on TheNextWeb claimed that the App Store had been hacked and that a rogue developer had gamed the system by artificially driving sales to their eBooks. The rise in ranks were no...

How do you spell Egypt? 1 Feb 2011 | 03:29 am

via Großartig! Permalink | Leave a comment  »

The Mobile Inter-Connected World 19 Oct 2010 | 07:29 am

I like this perspective from @TheNextWeb, "Microsoft Is Late To The... Say What?": "This is something I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time, in fact ever since Windows Phone 7 started gather...

新浪微博注册用户3亿多,手机用户超过PC 21 May 2012 | 02:22 pm

译自: China’s Sina Weibo passes 300m registered users, reveals mobile usage is higher than PC, 16TH MAY 2012 by JON RUSSELL 网址:

RT @TheNextWeb: Bodega is a be… 11 May 2012 | 10:29 am

RT @TheNextWeb: Bodega is a beautiful alternative to Apple’s Mac App Store by @thatdrew Tweet

Genieo Reader Brings You Personalized News 18 Jun 2011 | 06:06 pm

Watch my interview with Hermione Way from TheNextWeb. June 2011. San Francisco Permalink

Las redes sociales suspenden en accesibilidad 6 Apr 2011 | 06:00 pm ONCE ha presentado el estudio sobre ‘Accesibilidad de plataformas de Redes Sociales‘, elaborado por el Observatorio de Accesibilidad TIC de Discapnet. Los resultados no pueden ser más ...

Qui utilise Twitter ? Réponse en Infographie 4 Jun 2011 | 02:23 am

Twitter Stats sur les utilisateurs de Twitter sur cette infographie via TheNextWeb Related posts: Infographie : La renaissance du Mac d’Apple Une infographie qui illustre la renaissance du produit...

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